Checkout form with order bump

Include a checkout form with pricing, delivery, account creation and card payment abilities.

It'll link to Stripe in the settings and will allow funnel builders to create product checkout pages.

Checkout pages will also include an order bump module. This means funnel builders will be able to increase average transaction values by offering a small product upgrade on every single checkout form.

For example if you are selling a $900 course, you could also sell a $37 e-book as a little order bump on the checkout page.

One click upsell page

We'll be building a 1-Click upsell page which will allow funnel builders to instantly increase average transaction values after an initial purchase at checkout.

After a customer buys through the new checkout page either with or without the order bump, they'll be redirected to an upsell page. Upsell pages allow businesses to instantly sell another product to a customer potentially without them entering their credit card information again.

Our aim is to allow customers to click one button to add a new products to their order without entering their credit card information.


We'll be installing an analytics package into the funnel builder and funnel manager. This will allow funnel builders to see the conversion rates between pages inside of funnel, as well as the locations of each user using geographic and ZIP Code/postcode data.

It'll also show referral channels such as Facebook, Google etc. as well as the conversions between each page compared to channels.

Community/support forum

Soon will be building a community forum as both a support forum and a user forum.

This will allow users to better serve their customers and troubleshoot problems. As well as learn how to get the most out of Beaver funnels and its features.

Template marketplace

We'll be building the ability for users to be able to create, share and sell templates to other Beaver Funnels users.

This will allow users of beaver funnels to create templates for new pages and share them with the rest of the community. This will scale out the value of  Beaver Funnels infinitely more than our team could handle.

You'll get the best of industry experts to develop awesome page and funnel templates for you.

Funnel builders and page designers will also be able to generate revenue from selling their funnel and page templates.

Page and copy template selection

Eventually users we'll be able to and suitable for different products, services, file types and their own individual needs.

For example they'll be able to choose a bright colourful page template with content and copy for the content engine specific to selling a course or selling a physical product. 

Funnel builders will be able to select the page templates inside Beaver Funnels and during different stages of the funnel build.

Micro content engine

Funnel builders will be able to use the power of the content engine per page rather than per funnel. This means that when you are adding a new page to funnel your be able to run the content engine either using previous answers or new answers for that page.